Consumer Notice: Beware of Unlicensed Movers! Please Watch this Important Video.

Research Movers Before Hiring Them.  These Are Some Red Flags:

  • They give an estimate by phone or email, when an in-person estimate or virtual is required.
  • They require or demand a large deposit.
  • They do not have a physical address or license on the website, which is required.
  • They use a generic name when answering the phone, such as “Movers”.
  • They are not listed with the BBB.
  • They did not provide the legally required brochure, Important Notice to Consumers
  • Many bad reviews on Angie’s List, Yelp, Google, etc.; a few can be overlooked.
  • If they arrive in an unmarked truck, that could be a red flag; verify the mover.
  • If you’re quoted a very low price that seems too good to be true, it probably is false.
  • There is no DOT or license number on their website, or it doesn’t match the Federal and/or State websites.

Reasons NOT to Hire an Unlicensed Mover:

  • If the mover is unlicensed, the truck can be towed or impounded with a consumer’s property on it, requiring you to hire a new mover or rent a truck to complete your move.
  • In the event of home damage or other unexpected problems the mover may not have proper insurance to repair your home.
  • If you trust all your possessions to an unlicensed company, there’s no guarantee that you will pay the amount you were quoted, or if you’ll ever see them again.
  • Without a tariff of rates on file, whatever they charge cannot be legally verified.
    Without workmen’s compensation insurance, if a worker is injured on your property, you can be sued.
  • If a mover is violating the law, they’re probably not screening & training workers.
  • If workers are not receiving appropriate wages, they’re probably not background checked, possibly inexperienced workers.

KEEP IN MIND…All NJ licensed movers:

  • Are licensed by the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs to Protect Consumers from Fraud.
  • Have their company name and town lettered on their trucks.
  • Will come to your home to give you an in-person written estimate or virtual.
  • Are registered with the State to do business in New Jersey.
  • Have a tariff of their rates on file with NJ Consumer Affairs
  • Are domiciled in New Jersey and pay their employees mandated benefits.
  • Have minimum required insurance, but most movers have more.

For consumers moving within New Jersey, check if the mover is licensed before you hire them.

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