Moving Trends in 2019

Moving Trends in 2019

Moving out of state can be a big decision.  If you’re thinking of moving out of New Jersey for warmer climates, a better job, or to be close to loved ones, you are not alone.  We’ve compiled some interesting findings to help you make the right decision in choosing your next address.

According to United Van Lines’ 42nd annual National Movers study, twice as many people moved out of New Jersey in 2018 as moved in. The migration, the largest of any state, has dropped the Garden State’s population to pre-2013 levels.  New Jersey had highest percentage of outbound moves, followed by Illinois, Connecticut, New York and Kansas.

Why Are People Moving?

Of those leaving the Garden State, about 70 percent cited retirement or employment as the reason. Of the nearly 110,000 moves included in the 2018 study, more than 46 percent were due to a job change or transfer, the report states. A distant second was retirement at 22 percent.  A similar share, 22 percent, said they wanted to be closer to family, while 17 percent listed "lifestyle change" as their reason for moving and 5 percent said "health."   Other considerations could include tax burden.  New Jersey is the ninth most tax-burdened state in the country, according to data from financial website WalletHub. Connecticut is the sixth most-taxed state and New York is No. 1.

‘Better pizza and bagels’  and "I want to pump my own gas" probably didn’t make the list!

Who is Moving In and Out?

Statistics show newcomers skew younger than those moving out. Of the 1,471 movers who entered the state in 2018 and polled for the study, about 18 percent were 34 or younger and only about 10 percent of those who left were 34 or younger.  Nevertheless, retirees are leading an emigration that saw the state’s ratio of outbound movers top United Van Lines’ study.

Where are People Moving?

Western states Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona had their percentage of inbound moves top 60 in 2018. South Carolina and North Carolina both bested 57 percent.  

The top inbound states are:

  1. Vermont
  2. Oregon
  3. Idaho
  4. Nevada
  5. Arizona
  6. South Carolina
  7. Washington
  8. North Carolina
  9. South Dakota
  10. District of Columbia

Where are Seniors Moving To?

In 2019, a study by Smart Asset studied the US Census Reports to show where retirees are heading. The top 5 States retirees are moving to is not a real shock.  The year round warm climates, affordability and tax benefits of the southern states of Florida, Arizona, North Carolina and South Carolina make them a desirable destination and the top 4 states retirees move to.  Nevada is a newcomer to the list, moving up to number 5 from number 10 in 2017.  Nevada is one of the friendliest states for retirees because it has no income tax.  Henderson, NV is the top city retirees are immigrating to, with almost 3200 seniors moving there in 2018.

In conclusion, whether you’re here to stay or moving out of the Garden State, Fast Moving Company can handle your moving & storage needs, whether it’s around the corner, or cross country.  Give us a call at 908-850-5665 or visit us on the web at


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